Friday, July 27, 2012

Hasan Angelina by Abdul Haleem Sharar

Abdul Halim Sharar (Urdu: عبدالحلیم شرار, Hindi: अब्दुल हलीम शरार) (1869–1926) was an essayist and historian of Lucknow. His book "Guzishta Lucknow" is a rich source of information on the genesis of the city and its culture. He wrote famous tales with historical content. One of them is فردوس بریں (Firdos -e- BariN) which is named after a section of paradise according to Islamic Doctrine. فردوس بریں This Historical content tells us when a new sect was tried to invent and was named فرقہ باطنیہ (Sect of Spirituality) and their leaders conspired to rule out Islam and they established highly secret society and they created artificial Paradise. They would make people stunned by their network of spies. They would sneak up a person's personal life and would pretend to tell the hidden (غیب) then that person would become their devotee and would do anything they would demand. History shows they captured a lot of people and made them to kill many renowned people and Scholars (علماء). According to history Halaku Khan (ہلاکو خان) son of Ganges Khan or Changez Khan in Urdu چنگیز خان found these people and he disposed of them all.




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