Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Change Boot Animation

The boot animation is the first thing that you see when powering on your Android phone or tablet, after the operator or manufacturer logo. Although it does not serve a purpose functionally, an eye-catching boot animation can certainly make your device stand out while booting. In this third installment of our Android customization series, we will take a look at how to change or even create your Android boot animation and will feature some of the prettiest and geekiest boot animations we have come across.

Featured Boot Animations

There are hundreds of boot animations out there for a range of device resolutions. Some of them come as stock with certain devices and get extracted by users to be made available for others to install on their devices, while others are custom built by users and shared with the community.
As promised, we are featuring here a few boot animations that caught our eye.
The Droids series by Dysgenic:

AndroidGlow1 AndroidGlow2
AndroidMinimal1 AndroidParticles2
Android Particle Ring by Dysgenic (Modified by aph):
Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Green Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Blue
Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Cyan Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Red
Android BIOS by frysee:
This one has both a phone version and a tablet version. The preview shown is of the tablet version.
Android BIOS Boot Animation Tablet
Honeycomb by Google:
Click the above image for a full animated preview.

The pathnames and filenames may be different for you, so please check that first before asking (Using as an example file)

- Install the android SDK
- Open Command Prompt
- Locate the SDK tools folder where ADB is located (example: <cd c:\android-sdk-windows\tools>)
- Now enter the following code in Command Prompt
adb remount
adb push c:\temp\ /data/local/
adb reboot

Terminal Emulator
- Connect your phone to your computer via USB
- Copy the downloaded file to your sdcard
- Disconnect phone from computer
- Open Terminal Emulator on your phone and enter the code below (press enter after every line)
cp /sdcard/ /data/local/

Root Explorer
- Connect your phone to your computer via USB
- Rename the downloaded file to '' and copy to your sdcard
- Disconnect phone from computer
- Open 'Root Explorer'
- Copy/Paste the /sdcard/ to /data/local/ (make sure it's read/write)
- Reboot



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